Firm founded in 1986.

We are a multidisciplinary firm made up of Lawyers, Economists, qualified professionals holding a Diploma in Industrial Relations and Property Administrators, as we are also a prestigious firm. We have professional lawyers and economists who will assist you promptly and efficiently, giving you the advice you need in tax matters, for individuals and companies, tax representation matters, for both residents and non-residents, insurance, property management, sales, inheritance, notarial formalities and, in general, in all types of judicial and extrajudicial matters.
Our services are destined to individuals, self-employed workers, companies and communities of property owners, our core values being transparency, dedication, confidentiality and respect, always offering a close and trusting relationship.

Notarial Proceedings

If you need to go to a Notary Office, in TRUE ASESORES we previously give you advice and help you prepare all the necessary documents. We previously send you the draft of the notarial document that is going to be signed so you can comfortably review it and we can translate it to your language if you consider it necessary. We give you proper information about all matters and accompany you to the Notary Office the day that the deed is going to be signed. We can provide our services throughout the Spanish territory.

Formation of Companies

We give you professional advice so you can adapt your business to the most appropriate legal structure, considering factors like the activity that you plan to carry out through it, the number of partners who are going to set up the company, the share capital, the fiscal obligations, the liability to third parties and the legal formalities and paperwork necessary for its formation.

Advisory services for companies

We do not only help you with the paperwork and formalities regarding the Tax Administration and the Social Security, but also give you professional advice and plan the taxation of your business, to try to reduce your tax and work load.

Real Estate Services

We protect your interests when you decide to purchase a house, apartment or any other type of real estate, and we make sure that all documents are in order.
  • They have a deal proximity and personalized attention to customers. They care about customers and strive to give the best Tips
  • I am a customer's office TRUE ASESORES for many years, serving me very professionally and I report regularly on all matters concerning my business tax
    - Joan Avina
  • Very cordial treatment, they dispense a quick and decisive attention, meet deadlines and are responsible.
  • Understands my needs, they advise me very well and are involved to give me work
  • TRUE ASESORES were always quick to respond to my requests
  • I was looking for a lawyer to assist me at the purchase of a house in Spain, and I found their expertise and advise invaluable. The service of conveyancing was very professional
  • They have a deal proximity and personalized attention to customers. They care about customers and strive to give the best advice


We are qualified insurance agents. We offer you several options, so you can choose the company that best suits your needs.
Law is the set of conditions allowing the freedom of each individual adapt to the freedom of everyone.

Inmanuel Kant

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Company Services Lawyers Economists Denia CostaBlanca

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Company Services Lawyers Economists Denia CostaBlanca

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